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Mission Statement

Stonecreek Family Physician/K+STAT is committed to providing high quality primary care to our patients in a Family Practice setting that recognizes the essential role of our employees and is adaptable to the individual provider’s needs.

For our patients we emphasize:

  • Continuity of care through a primary physician (“your family physician”).
  • Accessibility with a physician on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advocacy for our patients in the sometimes confusing and complex medical system.
  • Quality through up-to-date care as a result of continuing medical education, sub-specialty referral and monitoring of national practice care guidelines.

For our employees:

  • We recognize your dedication to our health care team and your role in caring for our patients.
  • We value your input in all aspects of our practice as we seek to improve quality, efficiency and teamwork.
  • We will be sensitive to your individual needs.

For our physicians:

  • We pledge to make Stonecreek Family Physicians/K+STAT our primary place of employment.
  • We are dedicated to working as a team to meet the above-mentioned goals and to supervise the management of our practice.
  • We will be adaptable to the unique needs of each provider and his/her practice style.